Former Alabama running back Derrick Henry received no favors from his Tennessee Titans teammates this off-season.

The NFL offensive player of the year and former Heisman Trophy winner was appearing on the Barstool Sports podcast Bussin’ with the Boys this week when a touchy subject was broached.

Henry’s Titans teammates Taylor Lewan and Will Compton host the show, and they didn’t hold any punches with Henry as a guest.

During the long-form interview, the duo pressed Henry on whether or not the Crimson Tide paid him during his time in Tuscaloosa.

Derrick Henry Responds to Accusation Alabama Paid Him During College

Will Compton: “How much did Bama pay you?”

Derrick Henry: “I got pay nothing. They paid me in rings, baby. You know what I’m saying?”

But Compton and Lewan didn’t stop needling their teammate on the subject there.

Check this clip to see them press him on the issue, and watch as he grows animated with his responses:

Lewan and Compton clearly are having a good time teasing their teammate, but Henry is making sure there is no misunderstanding. Over and over again he creatively denied the idea that he or his family received compensation for picking the Crimson Tide.

For those of you who may have forgotten, Henry was an absolutely beast as a preps player in Florida. He had offers to play all over the country, but settled in on Nick Saban and his staff because they believed he was a long-term running back when other staffs were considering him as a potential defensive player due to his size.

Derrick Henry’s Stats at Alabama

Henry rushed for 3,591 yards and 42 touchdowns during his three-year Alabama career that spanned from 2013-15.

Henry capped his college career with a memorial 2,219 yard junior season performance on his way to a Heisman Trophy and national championship.

Derrick Henry's college football stats at Alabama.

He achieved these numbers in spite of sharing the Crimson Tide backfield with Arizona Cardinals running back Kenyan Drake.

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