The Tennessee Vols have one of the more recognizable fight songs in all of college football.

It’s just one of the many memorable fight songs in the SEC. You’ll often hear it at Neyland Stadium on a fall afternoon played by the University of Tennessee’s “Pride of the Southland” Marching Band.

What are the Lyrics to the Tennessee Fight Song?

While many may hear “Rocky Top” and believe that it’s the Tennessee Vols fight song, that’s not actually true. It’s a rally song that is synonymous with Volunteers athletics, but the official Tennessee fight song is called “Down the Field.”

These songs sometimes are played in tandem, but “Rocky Top” is the more well-known rally song during Tennessee football games.

Here are the lyrics to both songs:

Down the Field lyrics:

Here’s to ole Tennessee
Never we’ll sever
We will pledge our loyalty
forever and ever
Backing our football team
faltering never
So cheer and fight
with all your might for Tennessee!

Rocky Top lyrics:

Wish that I was on old Rocky Top
Down in the Tennessee hills.
Ain’t no smoggy smoke on Rocky Top
Ain’t no telephone bills.
Once I had a girl on Rocky Top
Half bear, the other half cat,
Wild as a mink, but sweet as soda-pop
I still dream about that.

Rocky Top, you’ll always be
Home sweet home to me.
Good old Rocky Top,
— WOOO! —
Rocky Top, Tennessee.
Rocky Top, Tennessee.

Once two strangers climbed old Rocky Top
Lookin’ for a moonshine still.
Strangers ain’t come down from Rocky Top,
Reckon they never will.
Corn won’t grow at all on Rocky Top
Dirt’s too rocky by far.
That’s why all the folks on Rocky Top
Get their corn from a jar.

(Repeat Chorus)

I’ve had years of cooped up city life,
Trapped like a dog in a pen.
All I know is it’s a pity life
Can’t be simple again.

(Repeat Chorus)

Rocky Top, Tennessee!

Listen to the Tennessee Fight Song

Here is a video of “Down the Field” being played by the Pride of the Southland:

Listen to Rocky Top

Watch the University of Tennessee Marching Band play the Tennessee fight song and Rocky Top

Here is a video of Tennessee’s Pride of the Southland marching band playing “Down the Field” and “Rocky Top” inside Neyland Stadium prior to a 2017 football game:

What are the Lyrics to the Tennessee Alma Mater?

The Tennessee alma mater has the following lyrics:

On a hallowed hill in Tennessee
Like beacon shining bright
The stately walls of ole UT
Rise glorious to the sight

So here’s to you
Ole Tennessee, our
Alma mater true
We pledge in love and harmony
Our loyalty to you.

Watch the University of Tennessee Marching Band Play the Tennessee Alma Mater

You can watch the University of Tennessee’s Pride of the Southland band play the university alma mater at a Vols football game in Neyland Stadium here:

Cover Image Credit: The Daily Beacon